Planning Appeals

If you are thinking about appealing against the decision of the council, their delay in deciding your application or against enforcement notice, we are able to provide this service.

There are three different ways of appeal to The Planning Inspectorate:

A. The written procedure
With this type of appeal, the planning inspectorate only consider written evidence from the appellant, the council and anyone else who has an interest in the appeal. This is the simplest, quickest and most straightforward way of making an appeal. The majority of planning appeals proceed by the written procedure which is particularly suited to small-scale developments (eg minor works and alterations; individual houses or small groups of houses; appeals against conditions and changes of use).

B. The hearing procedure
This procedure is likely to suit more complicated cases which require detailed discussion about the merits of a proposal or where questions need to be asked to establish the facts.

C. The inquiry procedure
This is the most formal of the procedures. The parties to the appeal will usually be legally represented and expert witnesses may be called to give evidence.

Our role is:

  • to establish if the appeal would succeed

  • submission of appeal forms

  • submission of reasons for appeal

  • submission of appeal statement of case

  • assisting inspector on the site visit

Appeals are judged by Inspectors, who are completely unbiased and professionally qualified in planning or a related area, like law or architecture. Inspector will always take into account all the facts provided and will normally visit the site before making a decision.