Moran House

Project details: 

Extending the existing building with the erection of 2 additional storeys and a garden area on the roof. The site and surroundings are not characterized by any particular form or character. Indeed this area has a range of land uses, building forms, scale and architectural composition.

Our scheme proposes construction of a new contemporary looking office development. The key objective was to produce a high quality design given the site’s prominent location on the main approach and also to provide a high quality green roof.

The challenge with this type of development is always to provide visual interest and built to quality. The fourth and fifth floor extension will provide approx. 670m2 of floor area including vertical and horizontal communication, meeting rooms, kitchen with staff room and office units. The use of glazed curtain walling can produce clean and modern style of elevations. Leisure space for all office staff is provided in the form of a garden deck on the top. Planting included grass and shrubs with decorative paving and decking built off concrete slabs is proposed.

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